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Our expeditions follow the fabled "Carrera de las Indias" trade route in the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico where you can dive in real historical wreck sites. Land visits and tours to amazing places are also part of our expedition programs. Find out more.

Our aim is to actively contribute to the conservation of Underwater Cultural Heritage and marine environments, while offering an unforgettable travel experience with high end hospitality services and uncompromising comfort. Learn more about us.

Msc. Alejandro Mirabal

The Heritage Expeditions is the brainchild of Alejandro Mirabal, one of the most experienced Maritime Archaeologists and Expedition Leaders in the world. He is a Fellow International of The Explorers Club and holder of the Guinness World Record for the Most Historic Shipwreck Locations Visited.

Born in Cuba in 1964, Alex Mirabal is a Maritime Archaeologist with a Master degree in Marine Biology. He has 30 years of fieldwork experience in four different continents and is the author of several academic publications, including the books The Excavation of the Nossa Senhora da Consolação (1608) and Spanish Coins in Mozambican Waters: The Numismatic Collection of the São José (1622). Following his childhood dreams, he has worked on more than 300 historical wreck sites as archaeologist, operations manager, surveyor and diver in Brazil, Cape Verde, Cuba, England, Indonesia, Mozambique, Nicaragua, and Vietnam, clocking up more than 10,000 dive hours. Find out more.