Expedition Cruises

The Heritage Expeditions cruises are an exclusive and unique traveling experience offering to small groups up to 10 guests the thrill of discovery and enjoyment of historically important Underwater Cultural Heritage (UCH) sites and pristine marine ecosystems under the guidance of a savvy and friendly team.

The expedition leader is a maritime archaeologist with a Master degree in Marine Biology and a track record of 30 years running underwater archaeology missions in the Caribbean, Africa, Asia and South America covering over 300 wreck sites. A passionate expedition team caters for our guests comfort and enjoyment in a real expedition environment. All cruise programs are carefully drafted so that guests are able to live a genuine lifetime experience.

Diving in pristine coral reefs and marine ecosystems along the historical "Carrera de las Indias" trade route of the Spanish fleets, The Heritage Expeditions guests will be expertly guided into the wreck sites of real Spanish galleons, and English and Dutch ships from the 16th and 17th centuries. Onboard the expedition ship and before each dive, our maritime archaeologist will provide a thorough explanation of the historical context of the respective shipwreck. The briefing session will also go through the site plan and each participant role in the dive session.

Land visits to cultural landmarks at historical cities, picturesque fishermen villages and places of interest far from the main tourist routes, are planned during the expeditions with the clear objective of giving to participants a better knowledge about the region and local culture. The Heritage Expeditions team provides interesting and informative insights so participants can easily relate to the historical and cultural themes covered during the cruises.

The expedition ship offers five spacious and comfortable guest cabins with en-suite facilities. Onboard commodities and hospitality services are top of the line. The cruise chef provides truly gourmet menus using healthy ingredients and fresh produce for a delicious dining experience. Special diet requests are always possible to organise. From an exquisite wine list guests can enjoy a selection of international premium wines that are perfect companions to the refined meals served during the cruises. Our expeditions are conceived to appeal to a wide range of people regardless of age and physical ability, and you don't need to dive to fully enjoy your cruise.

The Heritage Expeditions cruises are operated from Miami and Cancun with the option of standard itineraries or tailor made programs. Our friendly and experienced staff will be pleased to answer any questions you might have and help prepare an unforgettable expedition cruise.

Our Commitment

Part of the revenues from the expedition cruises are destined to fund UCH studies and conservation projects. The Heritage Expeditions cooperates with several cultural and environmental organisations and contribute to scientific programs from academic institutions with scientific data gathering and logistical support. During the expeditions several non-intrusive assessments and monitoring actions are executed and recorded. If interested, participants are encouraged to take part and learn from our experts. While genuine scientific work is carried out, we always make sure that nothing will compromise the comfort and enjoyment of our guests.

We are respectful of local customs and traditions and rigorously comply with the conditions of our entry permits to nature reserves and UCH sites. Our expedition cruises follow internationally best practices and contribute to the management of these protected areas and sites.

All our cruises abide by principles of Responsible Traveling to remote and fragile natural environments. All efforts are made to ensure that in all operations the environmental impact is minimised to the lowest level. Controlled moorings, reduced fuel consumption and emissions with regular servicing and a proactive maintenance program are among the measures taken to achieve impeccable environmental and sustainability credentials.

The Heritage Expeditions final goal is to seed in our guests the enthusiasm for the conservation of UCH and marine environments, spreading to the society at large the notions of cultural awareness, environmental sustainability and responsible living.

Safety First

The safety of the expeditions participants is of the utmost importance, and although there is a true adventure angle in our expedition cruises, all activities are conducted with the guidance and supervision of our professional and experienced team members under strict safety standards.