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The Heritage Expeditions is a Florida based company promoting and operating exclusive expedition cruises focused in Underwater Cultural Heritage (UCH) in the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico.

Founded by a maritime archaeologist with a Master degree in Marine Biology, The Heritage Expeditions benefits from his lifelong experience in the field and offers a unique opportunity for travellers, divers, adventurers and tourists to discover and explore important historical wreck sites while contributing towards the in situ conservation of an endangered Heritage legacy.

This dual concept of raising awareness about the protection of UCH among the expedition participants and simultaneously fulfilling an active role as a conservation agent, makes The Heritage Expeditions stand out as an innovative player both in the Cultural Tourism sector and among the scientific community.

Our friendly team is driven by our values and strong commitment to our goals. As a team, we aspire to provide a matchless travel experience to our guests.


The Heritage Expeditions aims to contribute towards the study and protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage (UCH), mainly through the regular monitoring of historical wreck sites and raising awareness among the general public about UCH conservation.

The Heritage Expeditions cooperates with cultural institutions in a concerted and coordinated effort to mitigate human and natural causes of decay and destruction of UCH, according to its capabilities and areas of intervention.

We also engage in Marine Environments conservation exercises, issuing regular monitoring reports about coral reefs and marine ecosystems, establishing cooperation agreements with scientific institutions and organisations in the field, and promoting responsible and sustainable diving practices.

As a Cultural Tourism operator The Heritage Expeditions aims to promote exclusive and unique expedition cruises combining responsible diving adventure, engaging land tours to historical landmarks, and high end hospitality services, to deliver to our travellers an unforgettable experience of the cultural and natural underwater treasures of the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico.

The Heritage Expeditions LLC is a Florida based company promoting and operating genuine expedition cruises focused on Underwater Cultural Heritage (UCH) along the "Carrera de las Indias" trade route in the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico.

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